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Sharks are the most amazing creatures in the oceans. They've been around since before the dinosaurs and have taken their resposibility as sharks very seriously ever since. To do so, they've developed everything from teeth-like scales and sharp teeth to the ability to walk (seriously, I'm not making this up!). 

Recently, sharks have been having a tough time. People are not very friendly to sharks. They're given a bad reputation: being associated with credit providers of questionable moral integrity, dangerous fish looking for the next surfer to bite or, strangely, for having fins made for soup, rather than swimming. 

Thus, we really need to help sharks. They have been helping us keep healthy oceans for millennia, so the least we can do is to not eat them and provide them a helping hand (surely they won't bite the hand that feeds them).

The Shark Trust does crucial work in educating people across the British Isles about the importance of sharks and rays, how they fit into nature and what numerous crucial functions they play in the web of nature. 

The Shark Trust

The Shark Trust

The Shark Trust is dedicated to safeguarding the furure of shark thought positive change. Without sharks, marine ecosystems face an uncertain future. Our vision is a future where sharks, skates and rays thrive within a globally healthy marine ecosystem. Established in 1997, the Trust was Initially set up to be ... Read More

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