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Hi guys! Thanks for visiting my page. I am a final year PhD student studying fish migration and more broadly, Behavioural Ecology and the effect of river modification on fish behaviour. I think my dad's love of sharks influenced my fascination with them and the ocean from a young age, which led me to study Aquatic Zoology for my undergraduate degree and then onto my PhD where I have been more focused on freshwater fisheries. I have also enjoyed diving in Egypt and Colombia in the past few years!

These beautiful, often misunderstood creatures have inhabited the oceans for 400 million years, surviving mass extinctions and occupying every marine ecosystem. They keep other populations in check and help maintain the health of the ecosystem. Sadly, many species are endangered due to pressures from overfishing, habitat destruction, shark finning and being caught incidentally as bycatch by fisheries fishing for other species. Despite not capturing my own snaps of these fascinating beasts, I have seen black tip reef sharks and my cover photo is an awesome pic of a whale shark, which is the world’s largest living fish and is endangered. This photo was taken by Eagle Divers in Sharks Bay, Sharm el Sheikh last year- I dived with this dive school in 2012 and they are amazing!

I am taking part in the City of Lincoln 10K run on the 18/03/2018 to raise money for the Shark Trust- a UK based organisation who have contributed to safeguarding the future of sharks, skates and rays in many ways since their establishment in 1997, and who see collaboration as imperative for conservation – this is something that I have recognised throughout my own research and believe is the way forward. I hope I get to work with sharks someday! I would be sincerely grateful for any donation, small or large, for this good cause – let’s protect sharks and our oceans! Please share this with your family and friends to help spread the word about the Shark Trust.

Please follow the #Dosomefin hashtag on twitter to see who else is taking part, @SharkTrustUK and go to for more info on the organisation :) 

Thanks and much love,

Nikki xx

The Shark Trust

The Shark Trust

The Shark Trust is dedicated to safeguarding the furure of shark thought positive change. Without sharks, marine ecosystems face an uncertain future. Our vision is a future where sharks, skates and rays thrive within a globally healthy marine ecosystem. Established in 1997, the Trust was Initially set up to be ... Read More

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